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Celtronic Static Weigh Bridges are available in Surface Mounted and Pit Mounted versions to suit space availability and customer requirements. The versatile CT-500 model incorporates state of the art technology to get the right weight every time. Celtronic Weigh Bridges are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions and comprises of components that boast the highest quality and reliability like the Digital Weight Indicator, Load Cells, Data Management Terminal, Surge Protector etc. These are available in both Manned and Unmanned versions.

Celtronic Weigh Bridges are calibrated and tested at the factory before they are set up at customer site to ensure excellent performance and quality. The Legal - for - Trade scales are in a class of its own owing to its spectacular design and unmatched life and ensures that your profits are protected always. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Celtronic Weigh Bridges are second to none due to its unmatched quality, reliability and repeatability.