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Welcome to Celtronic Automation Private Limited

Celtronic Automation Private Limited is a leading company in India in the field of Industrial Weighing and Automation Systems. We offer a wide range of products like Static Weighbridges, Rail in Motion Weighbridges, Weigh in Motion Weighbridges, Portable Weighpads, On Board Weighing Systems etc. Our products cater to industrial sectors including Cement, Steel, Power, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics, Mining etc.

Celtronic weighbridges weigh vehicles dependably and accurately, even in tough industrial environments. Each weighbridge is built to last with a rugged design, robust weight sensors and high quality manufacturing - all backed by industry-leading warranty options.

These rugged vehicle scales can be either Surface or Pit Mounted, depending on the location and use of the scale. We provide a wide variety of weighbridges to suit any application; each scale is fully factory assembled and performance tested prior to shipment. Every weighbridge can be paired with a range of indicators, software and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution.


News & Events

  • »   Celtronic Automation starts commercial operation 1st April 2014
  • »   Celtronic Automation gets model approval for static weighbridges from the legal metrology dept 15th Oct. 2014.
  • »   Celtronic Automation gets manufacturing licence for all types of electronic weighing systems Ist Nov 2014